School Council

Within LWF we have separate School Councils for both St Lawrence and St Bernard’s sites.  The School Council consists of students from across each site,  who have been nominated and voted onto the Council by their peers. The Council meets several times across the year. Their role is to act as the students’ voice in ensuring suggestions are brought to the leadership team. The School Council are also encouraged to explore solutions for issues raised through their meetings.

The School Council are invited to send representatives to attend the leadership team meeting (LWF Parliament) every term to put forward suggestions and help provide solutions for issues raised at previous School Council meetings.

Our School Council at St Lawrence is made up of one elected representative from each class across the school. Each month we all meet up and discuss issues around school, things that we would like to see more of or changes we would like to make. Some of the ongoing issues which School Council discusses are school lunches and playground equipment. 

At each meeting all of the representatives come together with their note book and share any information from their class, we talk about it all together and then we discuss how we can make it happen. After the meeting we have a newsletter which is sent to all of the class teams and the representatives have to share this with their class and bring the feedback to the following meeting. Sometimes we invite special guests to our meetings. 

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