Lower School

Lower school is split in to 4 learning groups.  Each group has a name which enables the students to have an identity as a class and a sense of belonging.  The class names are Acorns, Sharks, Aliens and Superheroes.  The names were formed linked to a topic theme the classes completed at the start of the last academic year, ‘Fantasy, Myths and legends’, which we have decided to keep for this year too.

We pride ourselves in a very flexible approach to learning and students work in small class sizes including phased groups for phonics and number each day as well as other areas of learning that support student individual need and barriers to learning.

The curriculum is delivered with our students at the centre.  Using their current Education, Health, Care Plan and themed topic headings they access learning opportunities in a personalised way.  Each term a new topic theme is explored in a multisensory way allowing pupils to achieve their full potential.  Each student in lower school accesses swimming on a weekly basis as well.

An individual learning plan breaks down key target areas from their Education, Health Care Plan.  These are an important support to enable the students to develop skills to help them learn the best way that they can.  These link closely to cognition and learning, communication and interaction, sensory and physical and social, emotional and mental health and form an important part of everyday routines. Intervention is designed to be delivered to support individuals and students have access to our speech and language team, behaviour support, therapists and sensory opportunities where appropriate.

It is very important for us to prepare our students for independence in their lives.  We strongly support life skills throughout the day and give opportunities out of school on educational visits and enrichment opportunities to enhance learning in this way.

Superheroes                                              Aliens


Sharks                                                                       Acorns


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