Visits & Trips

Pupils are involved in a wide range of educational visits which take place during school time.  Such visits help pupils to apply knowledge in a variety of different settings outside of the school environment and you will be asked to complete an appropriate form to give general permission for these visits/activities supporting work in the classroom.

Other activites include swimming at Horncastle Pool.  For older pupils, link courses at Boston College and Build-A-Future take place on a regular basis.

Occasionally, pupils might be invited to take part in a residential, educational activity holiday.  This activity would not be covered by our general permission slip and a further request would be sent to parents/carers together with any information deemed necessary.

Charging for school activities

The Governers of our Federation have a Charging Policy (available from the policies tab) for school activities.  Parents/carers may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of some activities and visits and we would ask you to support this policy whenever possible.  you will be notified by letter when such a contribution is required.  Payment will be requested via ParentMail, please contact the school to check if you are registered or if you are not able to pay online to arrange a cheque or cash payment.

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