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Questionnaire Responses March 2018

Thank you for all your responses to the questionnaire.  Please see the feedback below:


Some of the things you said about school:

Mainstream set limits – ST L has given her wings!’

‘Lovely animal unit / large outdoor spaces’

‘Good staff, fantastic school in all areas’.

‘Child focused and supportive’.

‘The school manages my child’s challenging behaviours well’.

‘The experience for us and our son has been excellent on all levels’.

‘They understand children’s and parents health and needs’.

‘My daughter is very happy and the school communicates well with parents and carers’.

‘St L has always and continues to fulfil my child’s needs’.

‘Brilliant school’. ‘Excellent school, perfect’

‘St L has given my child, myself and my family exactly what was needed for our sons future’.

‘My daughter loves it!’

‘Both my foster children have made good progress and enjoy the daily curriculum’.

‘Perfect in every way. They keep in touch with everything they do’.

‘Absolutely amazing. My child has done amazing since joining, the teachers do an amazing job’.

‘My child has only just started and loving it. The staff have been incredible’.

‘It is the perfect fit’.

‘Amazing school, amazing staff, great!!’

‘The school is outstanding, my sons work, attitude and behaviour has improved. I can’t thank the school enough’.

‘The school has helped my son tremendously’.

‘I get phone calls home of there’s been an issue, but they always end on a positive!’

‘It has been a gods send, he has and continues to achieve so many great things’.


You Said:

We have, will…


Do you find the newsletters useful?

How often would you like a newsletter

How would you like to access news?


What information do you want to see?

List of local support groups – I know some are listed.

Achievements / fun activities students have enjoyed.

What the students and school have been doing.

Important dates

Broad range of what’s going on.

What the children are learning about.

More pictures.

Reminders about trips / events.

Term dates, planned trips, successes


The response was a resounding yes.

The favoured option is to remain weekly.

The favoured options were via newsletters and ParentMail.


Jo Horrocks is currently reviewing the newsletters and working with staff on sharing events, celebrations, alongside the website.

Your suggestions will be part of these discussions.


a sensory room




As you are aware we have been applying for CIF funding to the DfE, to support building renovations.

We will continue to apply through this route annually.

As I have said we are also hoping that if / when the SEND specialist school review is adopted we will then access funding through that route to update the school to ensure we have learning spaces fit for purpose, including specialist rooms such as sensory rooms. Currently we have no free space to make this happen, so are exploring some mobile equipment and have also booked the sensory bus to pay us visits!

after school clubs’ (pony / self-defense)

Our aim through the trust would be develop more after school activities as a locality, working with other schools also.  Unfortunately, we currently do not have the provision to staff such sessions, or then transport students home beyond the allocated LA transport, at the end of the school day.  However, we will keep exploring options.

more individual programmes – to reach full potential

Our ethos is based on ensuring we have personalised, purposeful and inspiring provision for our students, to enable them all to reach their potential.  Where possible we also support working with other settings to enable access to higher level qualifications if appropriate and within the student's abilities, both educationally, socially and ensuring their wellbeing.  All of these decisions are made in unison with students, parents, carers and other settings, on an individual basis.

If you have questions around this area please contact your class team, Assistant head or the head of school.

homework that follows a class topic

We are currently exploring how we can access a range of resources that students and parents can utilise from the website.  With the wide range of needs we cater for this is likely to be within key areas such as English and Math’s, for example.

Bug club continues to be accessible for reading and class will continue to send the newsletters home with topic areas and ideas to support at home.

Home learning can also be focused around the EHC targets from students learning plans. 

If you would like your child to have homework or more homework in certain areas please do ask your class team.  We do not routinely give out homework to all as we are well aware that many of students see school and home as separate.

more adults per class

We have increased the number of adults to support teaching and learning per class as much as we can, and in line with student’s needs, as well as ensuring we have roles that support health and wellbeing, social programmes throughout the school.

There has been a review of the SEND funding model for specialist schools in the previous months, which has supported some increases in line with student needs moving forwards.

As always we will use our funds to invest heavily in staff as our largest resource to facilitate and support teaching and learning, and student access to interventions as required.

post 16 / add a sixth form

As I mentioned to those that asked about post 16 through the SEND specialist school review, it is our intention to consult to change the age range within St L in the near future.  We wish to develop a post 16 provision across LWF and in using the space we also have within LRAC (Lincolnshire Rural activities Centre in Louth)

Watch this space!!

more notice about dates for activities please

Before the end of the summer term we are going to be creating our year plan for the coming academic year.  This will have on month by month activities, key dates etc. 

This will be shared with parents via the newsletters / website.

my son would like more roast dinners

Our school council are very active and would be very willing to continue to work with our catering team in developing our lunch choices, within the health standards.

They have been working with charlotte and the team recently on their preferred choices!

Develop a parent group – ‘I miss chatting to others’

We have tried several times now to support a parent group to become established but on each occasion it has not been sustainable.  Whether this is due to the distances our families travel or how the sessions have been supported we are unsure.

Our parent programmes will hopefully provide a structure for those that wish to attend, gain some information and also have an opportunity to chat.  Equally f this is something you would like, please let Lea know and she can put people in touch and provide a venue.

use more digital and less paper

This is the plan moving forwards, as we have communicated via the newsletters.  Parent mail will be re launched and we are aiming for paperless and cashless as far as is practically possible. This not only saves on printing costs, paper costs, but also reduces the risks in information / cash / letters etc. getting lost or misplaced.

In support, we will be providing aids, step sheets, to set up / support from staff, to enable this to be in full effect by September 2018.


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