Welcome to 4MT!  We are a year 11 class of ten students with a staff team of Mr Toyne and Miss Martin.  We can be found in mobile 17 next to the Rural Activities Area.

Students arrive at 8:50am and have the opportunity to make themselves a simple breakfast, they are also engaged with a task which is centred around numeracy or literacy skills. Morning lessons begin at 9:10am and this will be the time when we focus on Maths, English and Guided Reading. Our weekly timetable follows a termly theme. Over the course of this year in Maths we will spend much time working on the four basic number operations in different contexts, together with our work on shape, space and measure. In English work the early terms will focus on different genres of writing such as Narrative, Report, Biography and Information Texts. Class work will culminate in students undertaking OCR Entry Level or Level 1 functional skills examinations in English, Maths and Science in the summer terms.

Much of the drive for this year centres on preparing our students for the wider world and their next steps. In term 3 students undertake their second stint of work experience. During our school week we spend some time looking at Careers and Citizenship and on Friday all students leave the St Lawrence site to take part in more vocationally based studies such as media or mechanics at Boston College or possibly working in the Rural Activities Area.  Students may also be timetabled for a session of travel training, the aim being that all students will be able to travel independently by the end of the academic year. In addition we follow a course of practical Food Technology.

Students follow the City and Guilds Skills for Working Life Course which may involve subjects such as animal husbandry and interview practice.  Everybody in 4MT has three Individual Learning Plan targets which are reviewed three times a year. Some students will have the opportunity to lead others to complete various tasks in order to develop their communication skills and their confidence too!

Finally our OCR Life and Living Skills course will focus on areas such as home management, community involvement, enterprise projects and developing personal skills. The whole aim of this course of study is to prepare students to be independent when they leave St Lawrence. Credits will be accrued over the course of the year which will lead to a qualification.

Each week is a busy one and we work hard together as a class. We hope you have enjoyed finding out about what we do!

Newsletter 1 - September 2017



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