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4MH have been busy clearing the polytunnel in the Rural Activities Area, which had become seriously overgrown over the summer with weeds to the roof and was in need of a much needed makeover. Pulling out the weeds we cleared the site and dug in some home grown manure to prepare for planting. Knowing nothing about what could be grown in the tunnel over winter we called up some experts from Crowders garden centre who were kind enough to pay us a visit, and Sara who came to talk to us generously supplied enough seeds and bulbs to get us going.

We have since seen our first sproutings of radishes and hope in the coming months to nurture cabbage, cauliflower, red and white onions, spinach and even garlic. This is part of ongoing accreditation work for Key Stage Four students who eventually hope to take the skills they have developed into the wider community; selling vegetable boxes or helping to tend a garden being developed as part of an online blog by Sara at Crowders. Students are really engaging in the hands on work and are already onto a second project developing and maintaining the schools chicken area, skills which for some may be early steps to meaningful employment.

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