Hello and welcome to 4DR!

Your Staff team are Mr Reeve and Miss Goodwin and we would like to welcome you to a fantastic year 10 group. 4DR have been working incredibly hard this academic year, focusing on their topics ‘World War 1’, ‘Natural Disasters’ and ‘Wonders of the World’.

Pupils have been taking charge of the direction of their learning, examining things that interest them and guiding their academic studies towards things they have real passion for.

4DR are some of the nest cooks in the school, their weekly cooking lessons have seen them quickly develop their skills from simple snacks to full, achievable meals with almost no input from the staff (except helping try the delicious food of course!). 4DR have taken great pride in their cooking abilities and are planning to help host a Chinese banquet ready for Chinese New Year.

4DR have found great success in their Young Enterprise projects. This year they have set up their own company “Dream Reach”. This company researched products, shopped for the materials in town and made an incredible variety of profitable items including bird feeders made from antique china teacups.

4DR are looking forward to the challenges the rest of the year will bring including work experience, Duke of Edinburgh and the Norfolk trip.

Mr Reeve

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